eepos one

Intelligent and modular in design, the eepos one crane system creates the perfect, most efficient working environment for your operators.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, this system offers the most extensive range of extruded aluminium profiles and accessories on the market.

Half the weight of a regular steel system and 60% more efficient, it’s easy to see why a growing number of companies around the world are investing in a next-generation crane system to suit their handling applications.

Product Features


6 profile sizes for loads of up to 2 tons


Low weight yet very strong due to hollow chambers


Internal and external T-nut grooves for ancillary components


Trolleys compatible with all 6 profiles


No corrosion, rust or need to paint


5-year guarantee on all mechanical components


Most extensive add-on accessories on the market



Modular design enables a fully customisable solution for any application


Ergonomic systems reduce work-related injuries such as strains and sprains


No need for welding


Efficiency and smooth running makes for faster cycle times with greater accuracy


Quick turnaround time from design to delivery and installation

Typical system layouts

The eepos system construction kit allows the realisation of very simple, application-specific crane system solutions. Various mountings, travelling frames, brakes and securing systems are available as well as energy supply units and electrical accessories. Electrical supplies to the eepos crane system are provided simply and safely via power chains and conductor lines from well-known manufacturers.

Mono Rail Crane

The mono rail runway represents the simplest form of linear transport. The system is typically used in applications where dedicated “pick up and place” areas are positioned along a straight line.

Double Rail Crane

The double rail crane comprises two parallel long travel rails, between which is a travelling frame that has a manipulator or handling aid attached. This set-up is perfect for assembly lines or workstations where cumbersome or heavy objects need to be handled in various off-centre positions.

Single Girder Crane

The single girder crane is a combination of long travel rails and a single rail girder. This provides optimum, blanket area coverage for material transport of lighter loads, while remaining easy to use.

Single Girder Telescopic Crane

The single girder crane with telescopic girder can reach areas of the workspace that were previously inaccessible by extending past the supporting structure. In its elevated version, it is also suitable for environments with limited headroom.

Low Headroom Crane

With the use of standard elevation modules and shortened mountings, it is possible to create solutions where there are height limitations with the supporting structure. The girder is in line with the long travel rails, affording added lifting height.

Double Girder Crane

The double girder crane is a combination of long travel rails and two girder rails braced together, making up the bridge. This is the answer for blanket area coverage of heavy loads with a more even distribution of weight over longer distances.

Double Girder Telescopic Crane

The double girder crane is the solution for overall coverage transportation of heavy loads. A more even distribution of the load is achieved by combining two rails in parallel, with the chain hoist support fitted between them.

Curved Mono Rail Crane

The curved mono rail is perfect for overhead conveyor solutions used in assembly lines or production facilities. Ideal for moving parts along a designated path, where they can be placed or operated on at different stations throughout the line.

Slewing Jib Crane

Even our jib cranes follow our modular design philosophy. Standard wall or column mounted jib cranes are available in lengths up to 6m and can handle up to 500kg. Delivered in kit form, the assembly process is easy, quick and clean.

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