eepos power supply

eepos offers a range of power supply and pneumatic solutions that can be integrated into any eepos system or used as part of your existing setup.

Inline cable / hose supply

Using standard cable trolleys, you can move flat or round electrical cable or pneumatic hose in line within the chamber of our eepos one profiles, towed by either a hinge or gab trolley. This is the most economical solution. 

Festoon nano supply

Using our nano rails and components, it is possible to run a separate external supply that is attached to the eepos track. Running parallel to the long or cross travel rails, this affords extra travel along the span of the system. 


External conductor bar

Vahle is a fully enclosed conductor bar solution for outdoor and indoor applications. The honeycomb design housing can accommodate various copper poles, which carry the feed through the use of collectors. This is a perfect solution when a number of applications are needed along one system. 

Cat track

For applications that need more than just electricity, igus e-chain is the perfect solution for modern applications. This solution makes it possible to protect and support various power feeds, hoses and communication cables – perfect for preparing for Industry 4.0. 

Internal conductor bar

The ultimate space-saving power supply with safety against random contact, the internal conductor bar has five copper poles running inside the eepos one chamber. A specially designed eepos collector trolley transfers the power to the required device.

eepos powertrack

Our most innovative power supply solution for long assembly lines. Busbar supports are attached to the outside of the eepos profile and up to nine conductor poles can be attached without tools. The basic and module boxes of the eepos powertrack are fastened in the upper belt of an eepos one profile and pushed into each other. This modular design creates greater flexibility and modules can easily be moved along the line, keeping downtime to the bare minimum.

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